What is this website ? and are one and the same website. It is a secure global platform which enables you to drop off information and files to investigative sports journalists working around the world. We have all received leaked data in the past from whistleblowers. That spawned the idea of creating a secure platform in order to provide better protection for our sources and to collect more data.

In the course of our journalistic work, we have come to believe that parts of the world of high-level sports are rife with doping, corruption and cheating. It has been apparent for some time that sports' internal measures to fight corruption and cheating have failed. But our experience in recent years has also shown that the troubling situation within sports can change. With the help of courageous whistleblowers, professional journalistic research around the world has uncovered a number of examples of corruption and cheating. In response to pressure from the media and the public, sporting and political authorities have been forced to react. That encouraged us to create and This is the only platform of its kind in the world. It is intended to provide safe, secure and trustworthy assistance for everyone who wants to publicize and combat corruption and cheating in sports.

If you decide to give us information, we guarantee to: and are intended to be the go-to place world-wide for whistleblowers. A state-of-the-art secure platform to serve the cause of transparency, credibility and the truth in international sports.

You will find more information below about who we are, how you can send us data and how we will protect you.

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Who are we ?
Our Team
We are a united team of trustworthy, professional and discreet individuals who bring the following essential qualities to this project: great expertise with sports, extensive experience in investigative journalism and a deep knowledge in the area of Internet data security.
We have no higher priority than protecting our sources. That's why only a tight circle of experts will have access to the data, as long as the investigation is in progress.

See our list of friends
Our friends, collaborators and supports - List in progress...
  • Alessandro DONATI
    Italian athletics coach, writer, relentless fighter against doping.
  • Stéphane MANDARD, Clément GUILLOU, Yann BOUCHEZ
    Journalists for the French newspaper Le Monde.
  • Andreas SELLIAAS
    Norwegian freelance researcher and investigative journalist.
  • José Andrés EZQUERRO
    Spanish investigative journalist for Diario AS.
  • Ross TUCKER
    Professor of exercise science based in Cape Town, South Africa. Researcher, critic and writer specialized in sports performance.
  • Jacquelin MAGNAY
    Australian journalist and european correspondent.
  • Mark DALY
    Investigative journalist for BBC Scotland and the documentary programme Panorama.
  • Thierry VILDARY
    French investigative journalist for France 2 Television.
  • Daniel MÜLLER
    German investigative journalist for Die Zeit.
  • Eugenio CAPODACQUA
    Italian investigative journalist for La Repubblica.
    Dutch investigative journalists for de Volkskrant.
  • Christian RAPPAZ
    Swiss investigative journalist for the magazine L'Illustré.
  • Daniel BRITO
    Brazilian blogger for one of the largest news websites in Brazil: UOL.

Important requirement for journalists who receive information from
If you publish a story based on information received from this platform, please always refer to and/or as the source of your story.

Contact us - Submit Data

There are several ways to contact us and send us information. They range from easy to more technically complicated, but more secure. Which method you choose will depend on the sensitivity of the information. Your first step is to make an educated choice about the channel to contact us. We highly recommend that you use the most secure method described below, the GlobaLeaks platform. Remember that if you use simple email, phone or Twitter, your Internet provider (or the state) can theoretically gain access to the metadata or the content of your communications.

Traditional methods
By email:

If you want to send us crypted messages with PGP (Mac - Windows) please download our PGP public key available on each lock above.

Highly secure method (recommended) - Via our secure platform (GlobaLeaks)
Your safety and anonymity are very important to us. That's why our platform has been created with GlobaLeaks, a free and open source software specially created for whistleblowing. You can contact us or send information - documents, audio and video recordings, etc. - by using this platform. There are different ways to use it. Please click one of the buttons below.
Send simple tips
Send sensitive information
Visit the platform's specific url:
Please take some time to read our dedicated page for security best pratice:
To access our platform, you will have to download and install the web browser TOR. It's a simple and encrypted web browser that uses an anonymizing network and makes it harder to intercept internet communications, or see where communications are coming from or going to.

With TOR, you can now visit the platform's specific url: 3dbcjmditf5eimtc.onion (copy-paste this url in the TOR browser)

By clicking on the "Blow the whistle" button, you will have access to our submission form. You can write whatever you want in these specific fields: the sports and regions/countries concerned, its topic (doping, corruption ...), and any other details that could be relevant for your security or for our investigation. The identity field can remain blank if you do not want to reveal your name. And you'll have the opportunity to post all the documents you want to share with us.

A the end of the submission, you will obtain a unique key-code that allows you to come back on the platform and check our responses. Of course, do not lose this key, and do not share it.

When you come back on the platform, you can type in your key phrase and check our answers. This is how we will communicate anonymously.

If you are good enough with IT tools, and if you want to further protect your anonymity and your security, you can also create a Tails USB stick, and run this operating system from your computer.